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Lush garden hotel is a Luxury hotel which is Located at kwaidd Sakina, Nairobi Road opposite Hass Petrol station. The Hotel possess a 100 – plus room inventory including Standard,Deluxe,Triple,Quad, Family rooms and Suits.All rooms in the hotel are fully air- conditioned, with hot water, a private bathroom,TV cable channels, Furniture, External Telephone , Coffee station, Top quality Linens, Mosquito net, Laundry service,Multi-cuisine Restaurant, 24-Hour front desk service, stable electricity, free Wi-fi internet access, Luggage storage facilities ,Valet parking and room service to Gues.

bedrooms: 100

bathrooms: 54

parkings: 250

size: 320m2

Our Rooms

Twin Room

Prices start at: $105 per night

Deluxe Room

Prices start at: $90 per night

Standard Room

Prices start at: $75 per night

Triple Room

Prices start at: $110 per night

Quad Room

Prices start at: $120 per night

Executive Room

Prices start at: $130 per night

Family Room

Prices start at: $100 per night

Other Facilities


Our Menu


1/2 Kg Grilled Fillet steak       Tsh 24,000

1/2 Kg Pepper Steak                Tsh 24,000

1/2 Kg Beef Stew                      Tsh24,000

1/2 Kg Beef Roast                     Tsh 24,000

1/2Kg Beef Stroganoff            Tsh 24,000



Golden Fish Fillet               Tsh 12,000

Fish Fingers                        Tsh 12,000

Tilapia wa Kupaka             Tsh 15,000

Fried Tilapia                       Tsh 13,000

Lush style Tilapia             Tsh 15,000 

Tilapia Chukuchuku.       Tsh 20,000

Pilau Samaki                    Tsh 12,000

NB. All are served with french fries,Rice mashed potatoes, Ugali or chapati.



1/2 Chicken Curry               Tsh 20,000

Chicken Masala                    Tsh12,000

Chicken Fried Rice               Tsh 12,000

Chicken Sweet &Sour          Tsh  12,000

Fried Chicken                        Tsh 10,000

Chicken in the Basket          Tsh12,000

Roasted Chicken                   Tsh 15,000   

1/2 Local chicken(kienyeji)  Tsh 35,000

NB. All are served with French fries, rice mashed potatoes, Ugali or Chapati.



Chicken Noodles                                         Tsh 12,000

Clear Vegetable Soup                                 Tsh 10,000

Cream of Vegetable Soup                          Tsh 10,000

Cream of Mushroom Soup                        Tsh 10,000

Cream of Carrot Soup.                               Tsh 10,000

Cream of Pumpkin Soup                           Tsh 10,000

Clear Beef Soup( white Soup)                   Tsh 10,000



Avocado salad                   Tsh 8,000

Lush Garden Salad           Tsh 8,000

Mixed Salad                       Tsh 8,000 

Coleslaw salad                  Tsh 8,000

Swahili salad.                    Tsh 8,000


Spaghetti Ragu                                          Tsh 13,000

Spaghetti Ala Carbonara                         Tsh 12,000

Spargetti Verdure(Vegetable)                 Tsh 10,000


Vegetable Stroganoff                      Tsh 10,000

Mixed Vegetables Casserole          Tsh 8,000

Vegetable Stir Fry                             Tsh 8,000

Vegetable Curry                                Tsh 8,000

NB. All the above dishes are served either with mashed potatoes, Fresh fries, Rice, Ugali, Chapatis.


Beef Mshikaki                          Tsh 24,000

Chicken Mshikaki                    Tsh 24,000

Fish Mshikaki                           Tsh 15,000


Chicken( Boiled with potatoes, vegetables and banana   Tsh 15,000

Beef( Boiled with potatoes, vegetables and bananas Tsh 15,000

Machalari    Tsh 15,000


Vegetable & eggs sandwich  Tsh  8,800

Ham Sandwich                         Tsh 10,000

Beef Sandwich                         Tsh 10,000

Chicken Sandwich                   Tsh 10,000

Cheese & Tomatoes sandwich Tsh 10,000

Omlette Sandwich.                    Tsh 8,000


Beef Samosa( 2pcs)                  Tsh 5,000

Beef Sausages( 3pcs)               Tsh 5,000

Mzuzu Banana( 3pcs).              Tsh 5,000

 Chapati (2pc)                            Tsh 5,000

 Chicken Lollipop( 6pcs) with chips     Tsh 12,000

Kebab( 2pcs)                              Tsh 5,000

Pan cake (3pc)                           Tsh 10,000

Egg chops (3pc).                       Tsh  10,000

Bagia (5pc)                                 Tsh 5,000



Chips Mayai( EggChips)           Tsh 8,000

Plain Chips                                 Tsh 5,000

Chips Masala & Chilly              Tsh 6,000


Fresh Fruits Salad             Tsh 8,000

Fresh Fruit Platter            Tsh 8,000


Pineapple Juice               Tsh 4,000

Watermelon Juice          Tsh 4,000

Passion Juice                  Tsh 4,000

Mango Juice                   Tsh 4,000

Cocktail Juice                 Tsh 5,000


Hot Milk                                Tsh 3,000

African Tea                            Tsh 4,000

White Coffee                         Tsh 4,000

Black Coffee                          Tsh 3,000

Hot water with lemon slice Tsh 2,000

Cocoa Hot Drink                   Tsh 3,000

Porridge( soya,Honey,Milk& Blueband) Tsh 5,000


2.Wedding Halls

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3.Conference Halls

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